Learning and Activity Resources for Kids and You!

Sarah Chrosniak, A Place to Flop
2 min readMar 15, 2020
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Looking for ideas to enhance the stay-at-home life? Check out our favorites below!

With the recent current events situation and my fam kind-of already being homeschoolers, (we’re used to being home 24/7) some of our fav resources are offering a zillion ideas! But I’d like to headline with saying that it would be most beneficial to just spend quality time with your fam and/or enriching your own brain/body/soul (self-care.) Make it a party. It’s party time.

Here’s who we vibe with and that you’ll find offers so much GOODNESS:

Random other ideas: Disney+, The Homeschool Sisters Podcast, Library resources found online like Libby, Bookflix, Hoopla, Overdrive, online museum tours, play board games, dance parties, bake cookies, take walks, take pictures, watch documentaries on Netflix, build forts, COLOR!

and then there’s this list (seems to be a round up from the ENTIRE INTERNET): Amazing Educational Resources

Things Adults Can Do:

  • File your taxes
  • Make a playlist and have a dance party
  • Plant a garden
  • Read books
  • Finish that thing you’ve been meaning to finish
  • Start that thing you’ve been meaning to start
  • Connect with your family
  • Write about how hard it is being a stay at home parent because it is the #yearofthemother
  • Declutter the fuck out of everything!
  • Learn something new
  • Watch the Marc Maron stand up on Netflix. It’s very funny. Or watch Arrested Development, or find Small Town Security and give that a go.
  • Declutter digital files!
  • Rest the fuck up!

Whatever you do, keep breathing and try not to worry. You’re gonna make it.

Please feel free to give me a shout if you need someone to talk to, have questions, feel overwhelmed, or simply just need to “let it out.” I’ve got 4 kids + a bonus kid and I know all about anxiety. And it gets lonely out here on them motherhood/parenthood streets!



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