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3 min readApr 16, 2021
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Hey there,

I’m pretty sure we’ve met before, but just in case we haven’t, I’m Sarah. I’m a creative being who has strings attached to her heart and they are always being pulled towards writing/photographing/documenting life, but also, life tends to get in the way of all that. I’ve started many a’blog in my day (am I old? maybe) but during a global pandemic I thought to myself, “why not start a new one?!” Or rather, resurrect this one that I deleted everything from but still love the name (ie. “A Place to Flop.”) That’s what I’ve been saying to myself for the last (many) few months, especially at like 3 AM. Hello out there, anyone else plagued by not being able to sleep?

Have you heard about that Revenge Bedtime Procrastination? It’s real. Listen to google.

I guess I’ll use this post to do a little intro: I’m a mom to 4 very small kids living in a very rural area of Virginia. My friends are far and few between so my adult interaction is zero to none. That’s not entirely true. I do live with a partner and I do have a friend who also has 4 kids and ventures over from time to time. So, I’m grateful for all that.

I know I see a lot of shit on social media, as that’s our main connection to the world these days, am I right? No, I’m kind of wrong. It was like that before the pandemic too, but now, it’s even more crucial — since we are using it — to not take that stuff to your head. Anyway, I see a lot of crap on social media that exudes perfectionism and if there’s anything I’ve learned about keeping it real, being authentic, and self-compassion, it’s that perfectionism will mess you up. The fakeness is out there, and it seems to be a pandemic of its own.

Moving on…

I want to write on here to share our big old messy life, one that includes making art, and pretending to homeschool, and baking cakes. We make gardens, learn about herbs, and fight over iPads. I value writing and reading but fail to make time for those (but I’m trying — in my defense, I did have 4 kids all in a row and I”m still learning how to navigate mom-life with my-life — those overlap and parallel — it’s a real trip). I’ve got ideas to share and so I want to do that here and maybe Wordpress, too.

I’m taking writing classes (can’t wait to share) and pondering taking some psychology classes. I love creativity (did I say that already?) doing yoga, and learning about ways to take care of myself. I’ve taken mindfulness classes and certified myself as a yoga teacher. I’ve taken postpartum doula classes, herbal classes, and soil advocate training (is that weird?) I’m all over the place. Certainly, I can find a home here on the internet and connect with my people, right?! But you gotta show up to do that.

Cheers to round one.

Remember folx, life is learning and learning is life.


Sarah Chrosniak, A Place to Flop

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