2020 is the Year to Quit Playing Small.

We all consider, at some point, the idea of setting New Year’s resolutions, goals, and/or intentions. In my own experience, I’ve half-assed all of the above in the past. This year, I figured it would all just “come to me” on it’s own.

I’ve been able to set some intentions in my mind, and with a planner, and I even picked a word for 2020, “CREATE” — Genius.

However, there are more burning topics in my mind lately and for the betterment of my life, I’m trying to take a deep look into what’s not working anymore. I don’t want to just live and go through the motions…

Sarah Chrosniak, A Place to Flop

Motherhood, mental health, grief, & creativity intersect here. Exploring living a better life to have a better death. and other taboo subjects..